Executive Strategy

Supporting CEOs, executive boards, and management teams

We deliver briefings and strategy workshops for CEOs, executive boards, and management teams, helping our clients make rapid and informed decisions about critical business issues.

Our CEO and executive briefings use leading data visualisation technologies to help busy global leaders rapidly absorb and respond to the region’s complex and fast moving markets.

Our strategy workshops are tailored to each client’s business focus. They combine the expertise of the firm’s senior consultants with SRA Intelligence® technology to improve outcomes.

CEO Briefings: We have briefed CEOs for some of the world’s leading multinationals on business opportunities in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

Global Board Briefings: We provide data-driven briefings and rich visualisations to help boards make informed and rapid decisions on critical issues.

Executive Team Workshops: We lead strategy development workshops, providing data-rich input, facilitating discussions, and developing action plans.

Specialist Networks: We have deep networks across Asia, Middle East, and Africa, speaking with CEOs, senior executives, business owners and officials.